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    Superior quality and innovative design ,we achieve the perfect transmission of power,signals,data and media.

    WHY US

    Pursuing the goals of innovation and customers first passionately, JINPAT has served numerous customers all over the world and established a good long-term relationship with them around 20 years. So far, it has provided excellent slip rings with high quality and reliability for defense, automation, research institutions, marine, and aviation. With exquisite design, advanced materials, and sophisticated manufacturing, JINPAT products have been highly acknowledged.




          What concerns you most when adopting a slip ring design? Electric performance? Dimension? Or mechanical performance? Whatever it is, a custom electrical slip ring is expected to meet the needs as a whole. An example is given here.



    Professional and reliable tests, participation in the international quality standard certification.

    MALL Phone: +1 346 900 9385/1346 401 9643 Email: sales@slipring.cn

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